Thursday, October 16, 2014

Barn-Ready Style by Blundstone

Barn Ready Style by Blundstone   Blundstone Brogue Saddle Front

There’s nothing like Fall and a new crop of boots to bring an equestrian style blogger out of hibernation!

When family-owned (since 1870!) Australian boot maker Blundstone reached out to me with their new styles, I knew I had to share them with Dappled Grey’s readers.

I’ve long appreciated Blundstone boots for their comfort and versatility. My black chisel-toe Blundstones have seen literally hundreds of miles of grooming, handwalking, riding, and everything else in between.

On top of being a great all around boot, Blundstones are a favorite because they always manage to look cool too – even better perhaps after acquiring the patina of daily wear. Which is why it’s so exciting that they’ve released some very stylish variations on their iconic elastic-sided chelsea boot.

Because I’m a fan of the chisel toe style, the Rustic Brown Brogue boot (above) is my personal favorite among the new styles, but only by a slim margin because Blundstone also answered my longstanding wish for a taller work boot with the Rancher style (also in Rustic Brown). The olive green and orange elastic styles put a new spin on the classic Stout Brown Blundstone and for fans of alt-equestrian style there is now a Grey and Steel Grey option too.

For shopping and details:

Blundstone Rustic Brown Brogue ($175)

Blundstone Stout Brown with olive elastic ($165)

Blundstone Stout Brown with orange elastic ($165)

Blundstone Rustic Brown Rancher ($230)

Barn Ready Style by Blundstone   Blundstone Stout Brown with Green Elastic

Barn Ready Style by Blundstone   Blundstone Stout Brown with Orange Elastic

Barn Ready Style by Blundstone   Blundstone Rustic Brown Rancher Boot

Barn Ready Style by Blundstone   Blundstone Rustic Brown Brogue Side

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Latest for EQ

Our Latest for EQ   Equestrian Quarterly Spring Issue Cover

It’s that time again! The Spring Issue of Equestrian Quarterly is on the stands (and online, of course) and may we just say that it is the most beautiful and stylish issue yet?! Of course, we’re biased because it also includes our stunning piece on none other than DG-fave Katharine Page.

Read it here!

California-based Grand prix rider Hannah Selleck is an Ariat Athlete and JustWorld Ambassador – she recently jumped out of a plane for the cause - as well as one of the most stylish riders on the circuit. Currently wintering in Florida at WEF, we caught up with Hannah to talk about her style inspiration and what she sees in her travels here and abroad.

Equestrian Style Musings with Hannah Selleck   Ariat Athlete Hannah Selleck

Hannah featured in Ariat's "Know Where You Stand" Campaign | Zach Gold

You’re a regular on both the Thermal and WEF circuits… In terms of the scene at both places, what style differences do you notice between the two?

The style differences I notice in terms of the scene at both the Thermal and WEF circuits is that the Thermal circuit is less formal. An example of this being that riders show in colored breeches other than tan breeches when riding in regular classes (classes other than classics and grand prixs). With more of a casual feel, riders at Thermal seem to show in polo shirts more often and wear their hunt coats less. At WEF, riders are required to wear their hunt coats in the big ring unless they are told that coats are waived for a class.

Do you have a personal style icon? In general? As a rider? Who and why?

My personal style icon would have to be Gisele Bundchen because she is always glamorous in a natural, effortless manner – her hair and make up is never overly done. On the red carpet she shows off her body tastefully without being inappropriate. As a rider I think Edwina Tops-Alexander has great style. I’ve seen her put on a pair of Gucci high top sneakers when she is done showing and has taken off her boots. It’s so cute and hip – I really like the look!

What is your favorite piece of equestrian apparel?

My favorite piece of equestrian apparel is my Ariat Aptos Show Top in white. It keeps me cool while showing in Florida and looks neat in the show ring when it is too hot to show with a hunt coat.

White breeches are a given for an upper level rider. For schooling, what do you prefer?

For schooling, I usually wear navy Olympia breeches and sometimes brown Olympias. I always wear tan breeches in the show ring unless of course it is a grand prix or special class in which case I wear my whites.

Equestrian Style Musings with Hannah Selleck   Hannah Selleck Cleese Vest

Hannah in her Cleese vest, Ariat Triumph Show Coat, Ariat Olympia breeches | Sportfot / Thierry Billet

 If you are mixing designers, what might you mix in with your equestrian wear?

I have a few designer pieces I will mix in with my equestrian wear for example Hermes belt the I’ve had since I was a junior or a cashmere cable knit Ralph Lauren sweater which I like to wear when schooling my horses on a chilly morning. I also have a down vest by Cleese that I will wear over my black Ariat Triumph Show Coat in the ring when I am cold.

Do you mix in equestrian wear when dressing for non-horse related activities?

I rarely mix equestrian wear when dressing for non-horse related activities. One of the only occasions I can think of when I did use an equestrian item for a non-horse related activity was this past December when I attended the Tiger Woods Golf Tournament at Sherwood Country Club and wore a pair of my riding boots. It was a bit of a rainy day and I had ridden earlier that morning so I changed my top, threw on a sweater, and my black Burberry trench coat on top. The black trench coat looked great with the tall black boots and I had many people stop to compliment me on them!


Equestrian Style Musings with Hannah Selleck   Hannah Selleck Bauer

Hannah and Bauer | Sportfot / Thierry Billet

We’re interested in a little more about your style. Quick either/or questions: 

Minimalist or excess?


Effortless or highly composed?


Heels or flats?


Yoga or pilates?

Yoga. (Also see Hannah’s “horseback rider’s ab roll” in Self Magazine.)

Ponies or minis?


Morning person or night owl?

Both… ”

Guilty pleasure?

Cookie dough. (‘Atta, girl!)


Thank you Hannah for taking the time to talk with us. To learn more about Hannah, find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Riding photos courtesy of  Sportfot / Thierry Billet; Ariat “Where You Stand” Campaign photographed by Zach Gold