Image courtesy of The Scout Guide

Image courtesy of The Scout Guide

The Scout Guide Equestrian

As the contract-based editor of the premiere edition of The Scout Guide Equestrian, the first nationally-focused specialty publication produced by The Scout Guide, I hand-selected 40 of the best equestrian businesses across the US to be featured in a beautiful photographic print guide and online blog editorial.

From January 2015 - May 2016, I handled all advertising prospecting and sales, managed all creative conceptualization and photoshoot execution, developed the national distribution plan and partnerships, created all online editorial content, and maintained all social media channels, as well as providing strategy and support to these 40 businesses. 

TSG Equestrian Vol. 1 has been described as raising the bar for equestrian media and quickly became the highest selling volume within The Scout Guide catalog.

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Dappled Grey Equestrian Style Guide

In 2009, I founded Dappled Grey, a first-of-its-kind online guide to the equestrian lifestyle. What started as my own blog musings about equestrian style, decor, travel and culture quickly developed a loyal international following, paving the way for a new media genre within the equestrian niche. 

Known for a modern aesthetic, trend spotting acumen, engaging writing, and highly effective digital strategy, Dappled Grey cultivated engagement among international equestrian lifestyle enthusiasts on email and social media and changed the marketing landscape for the industry's product manufacturers and retailers.

As founder and editor, I established the blog's vision and editorial calendar, created blog content and managed contributors, built social audience growth and engagement, and executed digital ad sales/sponsored promotions.  

Throughout Dappled Grey's lifespan (2009-2014), I also provided guidance and encouragement to numerous fledgling equestrian brands and businesses, many of whom were founded by similarly passionate female equestrian entrepreneurs.

Holiday Guide To Equestrian Style

In 2012, I launched the inaugural edition of the The Holiday Guide to Equestrian Style, presented by Dappled Grey and Horse & Style Magazine. This 64-page wholly dedicated equestrian holiday gift guide attracted 40 industry advertisers and received over 1.5M impressions. Horse & Style Magazine took over its direction in 2013 and is currently producing the 2016 edition of this much-loved annual holiday guide