Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Society Q&A: Horseware Ireland’s Tom MacGuinness

Society Q&A: Horseware Irelands Tom MacGuinness   MacGuiness.Polo Horseware Ireland CEO Tom MacGuinness is best known for revolutionizing the turnout blanket industry with the introduction, over 25 years ago, of the Rambo Original. Today, Horseware remains a leading innovator in horse blankets and equestrian clothing and MacGuinness is blazing new trails in equestrian corporate social responsibility with a 25K commitment to build a new school in Cambodia with partner JustWorld International. Here he answers our Society Q&A- in thoroughly Irish fashion!


How do you describe your job at a dinner party?

I am normally organising the dinner party!


What inspires you?

Sunshine, good people and fine horses.


How do you measure success?

I measure it in happiness.


What was the name and breed of your first horse?

A Connemara pony called Jenny.


Do you take vacations with or away from horses?

Both, an ideal would be a week in Argentina playing polo followed by five days on the Great Barrier Reef


What’s one piece of equestrian apparel or equipment you couldn’t live without?

Point Two Air Exploding Safety Vest.


What will you pay more for?

Good food and good horses.


Who is your horse world hero?

Adolfo Cambiaso and Nick Skelton.


Which do you prefer – mares, geldings, or stallions?



Do you have a good luck charm? If so, what is it?

Horseware Lucky Socks!


What are your favorite equestrian magazines, websites, or blogs?

Horse and Hound.


What is your best riding memory?

Winning the Irish Amateur A Showjumping Championship.


What would you be doing if you weren’t in the equine industry?

I would have a string of coffee shops and be the main global competitor to Starbucks.


Motto or favorite quote?

‘God forbid that I should ever go to heaven in which there are no horses’ – RB Cunningham-Graham quote


What’s on your iPod?



What’s your favorite book on your equestrian bookshelf?

The Playmaker by Hugh Dawnay.


What famous horse would you most like to ride?

Itot du Chateau.




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