Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Dooney & Bourke Handbags

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The author's vintage Dooney & Bourke, at home with a toile tote (handmade), Charles Owen helmet, and SSG gloves.

In 1983, Dooney & Bourke launched their “All Weather Leather” line and an equestrian style icon was born.

By the mid to late 80’s, nary a horse show mom could be found without a “duck logo” Dooney & Bourke handbag, in a range of iconic hues with signature British tan trim.  Thirty years later, these bags look every bit stylish as they did back then. The reason? A Dooney & Bourke bag is not unlike a good piece of tack – solid brass hardware, beautiful stitching, and top quality bridle leather. If cared for like a good saddle, they will last just as long.

Yes, Dooney continues to create new lines, but the duck bags are a timeless classic and well cared-for vintage bags are readily available. We found our white marbled AWL bag (above) at a local consignment store for $25 – in September, no less, and had to put it away till Spring!

If you’re searching for a vintage bag, start by scouring local resale shops for Dooney’s “Equestrian” or “Over and Under” styles. More Dooney & Bourke info – as well as loads of vintage bags – can be found on the Horsekeeping website. Ebay also has a large inventory of vintage styles.  Before you start shopping, read up on the identifying characteristics of authentic Dooney bags.

Happy shopping!

PS – Who says you can’t wear white before Memorial Day? ;)

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