Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Wild Side of Animo Apparel

The Wild Side of Animo Apparel   Animo Catalog 1024x602Remember our post about the North American launch of Animo Apparel at WEG? A few pieces of the Animo collection have made their way into the new Spring/Summer catalog from Dover Saddlery and we’ll admit we’re coveting the Besos shirt – a unique, short sleeve show shirt/polo hybrid.

But what you see in Dover doesn’t exactly capture the full personality of this new Italian brand. Yes, Animo aims to be known for machine-washable tech fabrics and innovative design details, such as the articulated-knee “No Limit” breech. But beyond the standard pieces, the rest of the Animo collection goes way, way takes color and pattern way, way outside the box. And with their new catalog (image above), Animo is not just pushing but positively bursting through the boundaries of what’s expected and accepted in equestrian fashion.

We really love the whimsical and even frivolous approach Animo is taking with it’s product palette and marketing. But will the brand’s wild child style become an equestrian trend? If so, Animo will for certain be leading the pack.

See the entire crazy catalog here!

The Wild Side of Animo Apparel   Animo Breech Polo

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