Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vintage Horse Show Ribbon Belts

Vintage Horse Show Ribbon Belts   Vintage Ribbon belts

Wondering what to do with your old horse show ribbons? We’ve got a stylish solution.

Whether decades-old vintage ribbons or a few from a recent show season or competition, these belts from mjoydesign are a perfect way to bring old ribbons and memories back to life. Simply send artist Melissa Perrin 4-6 ribbons and she’ll turn them into your very own custom belt.

How easy is that? The hard part will be picking the ribbons. Champions and blues are the obvious choice, but we like the idea of color combinations incorporating those brown, greens, and purples, too.

When ordering belts, specify sizes from 32,34,36,38, or 40. Each belt $25.

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