Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Equestrian Style at Emily Joubert

Equestrian Style at Emily Joubert   Equestrian Style at Emily JoubertEquestrians in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as those traveling there, should not miss Emily Joubert, a fabulous interior and garden design shop in the heart of California’s horse country hamlet of Woodside.

The shop is charmingly named in honor of the proprietor’s grandmother and, if Emily is the inspiration behind sharp and elegant eye of owner/designer Judy Sieber, then she must have been one stylish lady!

Sieber herself comes from positions at fashion brands Esprit and Ralph Lauren before settling in and starting her shop in Woodside, and it shows. Though her focus is not exclusively equine, she’s adept at selecting and pairing items that fit seamlessly with the gently rugged, grassy slopes of Northern California’s Santa Cruz mountains and their also gently rugged equestrian denizens.

It was our pleasure meeting Sieber at the nearby Menlo Charity Horse Show and we do hope you stop by to see her if you’re in the area. If you’re only able to visit on the web, do peruse out the thoughtfully scanned original Western Union telegrams (love letters, really) between Emily Joubert and her future husband Chuck, circa 1930.

Equestrian Style at Emily Joubert

Above: the Emily Joubert booth at the Menlo Charity Horse Show, August 2010

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