Monday, March 1, 2010

Futi Boot Protector

Futi Boot Protector   6a00d8345657f469e20120a8e99e75970b 800wiMore moderate climates may not require a separate, cold-weather riding boot, meaning that tall leather boots will need protection from wet season puddles, mud, and even ubiquitous damp arena footing. Enter the Futi Boot Protector, an affordable piece of equipment for which, we think, you could make a case for using year round.

Simply slip your toe into the neoprene cover and, voila, your tall boots are protected from the dangers of the damp. The smart designers at the Muck Boot Company even created the Futi to fit while wearing spurs.

The Futi features a vulcanized rubber tread and we’ve found we really like the secure feel they provide in the stirrups on wet days. The Futi also provides a little extra warmth and, on really cold days, we slip a handwarmer in between the protector and the toe of our boot.

When the Futi gets dirty, simply hose it off and hang to dry before putting on over leather boots.

The Original Muck Boot Company
1136 Second St.
Rock Island, IL 61201

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